Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lazy day.

Had a great time shopping with the girls yesterday - they "really needed!!" skinny jeans and just had to have them now!! (I don't usually give in so easily, but I did have a mega throw out of some clothes that were too small this week!) We did the out of town Next, Pets at home (for dog food), Staples (for some card + for me) and Matalan. We found some skinny jeans and a skirt, and got a fit of the giggles in the big bra and big pant department!! Great fun!!! and we're all happy!!!

We went to a party last night and stayed out until 1.30, unheard of for us poor ol' fogey country bumpkins! so we're having a really lazy day. It was great to meet up with some old friends but we wouldn't want to go out like that every week!! Couldn't afford to either!!!

Tomorrow I will start the teachers gifts, I've decided on personalised notebooks, pens and post it holders, so had to go buy some pens (hence the visit to Staples!) Watch this space.

I've just set a challenge for my social group on UKS; use something in your stash that you'd forgotten you had, add some ribbon or fabric, hide something behind something. Possible time waster for tomorrow!!Ha!

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