Friday, 24 July 2009

Day one.

This is the first day of the holidays and we are having a lazy day. There was a leavers/last day of term BBQ and disco at school last night and we all had a good time but we are quite tired this morning. We have the dubious honour of the school gerbil for part of the hols. He is in his cage in the corner, but somehow is getting sawdust ALL over the floor - guess the vacuum will be getting a workout this summer. He is quite sweet though! (Yes, I know gerbils should be in pairs but this one was the last in the petshop and they thought it would be unwise to pair him with any other, he seems happy enough!)

The weather today is just horrendous, really heavy showers and short sunny spells, so I'm glad we had nothing planned. I hope the weather will improve soon, it will be nice to get out on bikes and do lots of dog walks and you never know, we might even get to the beach!! I NEED to take loads of photos for plenty of winter scrapping!!

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