Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Oh no!!!!

I cannot believe that I've been so lax!!! No blogs since the beginning of October!!

Well, I've found a part time job but it is more or less school hours, so I've no free "me " time anymore!!! Hopefully when I get back in the swing of things I'll start sewing again, I miss it so much!!! (Ha ha, for one that doesn't do sewing !!!)

Thursday, 1 October 2009


.....another cushion cover! This one has the same fake suede on the back and a dolphin fat quarter that I bought AGES ago to make Katie a cushion cover!!! Yay, done it at last!!!! (How many years did it take?!?!)

Teddy one!!

A teddy keyring made for a birthday pressie!! Hope she likes it, took longer to sew than a big bear!!!! Very fiddly but very sweet!