Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Here is a LO made with Jaynes fabulous kit, love it this month although I'd never think to put these colours together, they really work well!
The journalling reads "Every year we plant pumpkin seeds, just for Halloween Jack O'lanterns. Last year was awful, the plants did not grow at all. This year, although the little things took a while to get started, at least we will have some "mini" jacks for the front doorstep."

I really must get on and do some more sewing; there is a purse and a tote bag to be made by Thursday and the material is sitting behind me waiting to be cut!! I'm also going to hook out some old teddy pattern books and see if I can adapt some patterns for material, not fur! Don't think my lovely machine would be very happy to sew fur fabric at the moment - I'll need to treat it to bigger needles I think!!

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